Nanette and Louise ~ Sharing photographs and our lives from Maine to Brittany, France

“Louise and Nanette photographing together on Higgins Beach, Maine”

Photography and our love of the sea brought us together…..and those things, and our zest for life have encouraged us to dive into this project with one another!  Much like “Thelma and Louise,” we are on this adventure together no matter where it leads us! Our hope is to share with each other, and our readers, our photography, our lives, and our love of all things ocean and beautiful whether that be in Maine, in Brittany, France or anywhere else our travels lead us!

I am Louise, from Brittany, France…  Born in Mauritius, island of  the Indian Ocean. Both sides of my parents’  families were from France, they were there at the time the island was known as “Isle de France”.

I had a wonderful youth, great and loving memories are forever in my heart and mind. May be they are the ones which are helping me, now, to go further.

Due to my Dad’s profession (world renown entomologist), since my young age, I had the opportunity to travel quite a lot, not only around several islands of the Indian Ocean : Madagascar, Reunion, Rodriguez, Seychelles, also several countries of East, West and South Africa : Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Las Palmas, Saint Helena, many European countries, specially England for pleasure and my studies.

Staying in the world of travelling, my job too allowed interesting visits namely to the USA and Europe and, moreover, I worked in the aerospace field.

Travelling opens new horizons and eager interests in the people one meets, sees, passes by. I thought since my young age that photography was, and is still, an excellent way to keep in touch humanly. I started with a Kodak “Starlet’ camera… Then, I had several others and nowadays they are both digital.

Photography is my best friend ! My cameras are always there when I need them, they are of a wonderful company…

I now live in Brittany, France, close to the sea. In fact the far Westerly part of Europe with on the other side of the ocean, America… Canada…

In fact, I started my life near the sea and now the sea is part of my day-to-day life…

Nanette Faye Photography, Maine, Maine photographer, iPhone, iPHoneographerHello, I’m Nanette from Maine! I see life more clearly and more beautifully through the lens. When I am photographing, time slips by and I forget that I am hungry or cold. We are here in this wondrous place. I hope to enjoy every minute of it, and leave something behind that represents a life well-lived.

 I have a portrait photography business, Nanette Faye Photography, capturing people, animals, and places all over New England. And when the urge and pocket book allow, I travel and photograph wherever I venture which is usually near the sea.  My personal work includes photographing architecture, coastal scenes and folks local to wherever I am. At any given time in my camera bag, you might find a Polaroid, plastic toy cameras, a film camera, a digital and of course, in my back pocket, is my trusty iPhone! I am very excited to be sharing this special place with such a wonderful woman and photographer as Louise!

18 comments on “Nanette and Louise ~ Sharing photographs and our lives from Maine to Brittany, France

  1. marie-jose roch says:


  2. Sue Cole says:

    What a blessing the two of you meet and give us beautiful perspective on a world we often overlook! Thank youQ

    • We do hope that through our “Kindred Eyes Across the Sea”, visitors will enjoy as much as we do our world and its beauty. Talking about bleesing, Sue, as far as I am concerned, I certainly have, a “special” blessing on this side of your country…

  3. Chris says:

    It’s wonderful you both are colaborating on this new venture. The best of luck.

  4. An inspirational and delightful collaboration. Ride the wave!

  5. berna says:

    Nanette, thank you for sending. What a wonderful story – so serendipitous!! Hope all is well, miss seeing you. berna

    • Nanette says:

      Thank you, Berna! We are enjoying our serendipitous relationship and our love of photography! Thanks for your comment! Miss seeing you too! Someday when I am in your area, I will pop into the office!

  6. Lynne Eldridge says:

    Looking forward to more pictures and thoughts. All the best!

  7. Josee blair says:

    I really enjoy looking at your fabulous pics and reading your thoughts! you 2 are very gifted artistic ladies! and talented writers too! congrats and wishing you every successs for the future.

  8. Guy-Framcois MAMET says:

    Lovely pictures and poems that gives me goosepimples… seems that generation after generation there is someone in the family that takes up photography, my daughter Claudia who is in South Korea teaching English at EWHA University in Seoul, is very enthusiastic about photography and never travel without her camera, I’ll get her to visit your site and hopefully get in touch with you. Your photo as a child is very similar to the ones of my sister Josee as a child, looking very much alike, lots of Mamet in it….I cant wait to visit you one day in Brittany..Well done to you both and best of luck for the future. Guy-Francois

    • Louise says:

      Hi GF, I can’t wait for Claudia to contact me, it will be good to stick to the family after all these years spreaded round the world. Thank you for your comment, we do hope that our target to enable our visitors to “travel without leaving their homes” will bear its fruit. Hope to see you in Brittany one of these days. It has been good to “see” you on our blog.

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