“How did we meet ?” written by Louise

Once upon a time, just like all fairy tales begin …

But this is not a fairy tale, it’s just reality.

Modern technology has it’s good and bad sides, but let’s put aside the worse and stay in the better.

Nearly, one year ago, I decided to visit Maine : contacted the Maine Tourist Office and Maine Magazine via Facebook. Among the pics they posted, one was related to my fascination for lighthouses. There was one question about where “Ladies’ Delight”, the “inland” one was situated. I posted my reply and got one comment about that, from Nanette G-C… We exchanged a few posts on that site and it happened that for both of us lighthouses were of the highest interest in addition to photography.

Where I live in Brittany, France, there are several of these lights along the coast, these have been my favourite subjects as far as photography is concerned. So, with Nanette, we started exchanging shots of Maine and Brittany lights, comparing them… giving details of how, when, why we captured such and such.

Thanks to “lights” we stayed in contact and became friends even if we had never met before, in the 21st century, one says “virtual friends”.

Then, came April 2012, time to fly across the Atlantic and visit Maine. Bethel!  Why had I selected that town on my visit list, I do not have a clue ? I did not know at the time Nanette was living there … I did not know, either,  that my dearest friend, Sue, had her Mother who spent her youth there…

Life is amazing ! I would have eagerly loved to know why that happens ! It was Bethel and it has been Bethel.

We had set up a meeting day with Nanette, April 16th…

The day came and after talking to her on the phone, we agreed she would meet me near the B&B I was staying. There was a bench along the road, I waited for her on that bench and this is how “virtual friends” became “friends”…

This is the light of the tale.

I cannot end this post, without thanking Nanette, for her kindness, listening and mainly her friendship.

Click here to read more about Nanette and myself.

4 comments on ““How did we meet ?” written by Louise

  1. Nicole says:

    What a nice blog and what a nice story ! I’m looking forward to reading new posts

  2. Zheng Mingmei says:

    Dear Louise, I have read your story,and very happy to hear from you about you and your exiting friendship across the Atlantic.I will wait to go on reading and share your happy.
    Mingmei from P.R China.

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